Must check out BBQ joints in Chicago for a foodie

Chicago is not seen as one of the barbecue regions as it is not situated in the south but Chicagoans have a style of their own . The list given below is of the places where you must go if you love BBQ .

1. Honey 1 BBQ (746 east 43rd street Chicago, IL 60653 )
2. Smoque BBQ (3800 N Pulaski Rd Chicago, IL 60641 )
3. Lem’s Bar-B-Q (3115 75th st Chicago, IL 60619)
4. Honky Tonk Barbecue ( 1800 S Racine ave Chicago , IL 60608 )
5. Lillie’s Q (1856 W North ave Chicago , IL 60622)
6. Barn and company ( 950 W Wrightwood Ave Chicago , IL 60614 )
7. chuck’s southern comforts café ( 6501 w 79th st Burbank , IL 60459)
8 Green street smoked meats ( 112 n green st Chicago , IL 60607 )
HONEY 1 BBQ – It is said that the owner ( The father and son ) of this rib house only know a thing or 2 about BBQ . The famous father and son are such a part of Arkansas where smokers are in more use than Microwaves . Here you would get amazing slabs of meat, tender spareribs , rib tips, juicy smoked chicken and even crispy catfish . in Honey 1 BBQ the food / meat is slow –cooked in a glass- walled smoker or we can say aquarium smoker and the fact that the meat is cooked over fire-wood makes it sound more interesting.

SMOQUE BBQ – SOMQUE BBQ is that joint which actually started the BBQ trend in Chicago and is today well-loved and well-known . Smoque BBQ has its own long – standing spot.
LEM’S BAR-B-Q – Lem’s bar-b-q is a small side smoke shack , popular among Chicagoans lem’s bar-b-q has been serving Chicagoans from more than 60 years . It serves lovely tips with vinegary tangy sauce.

HONKY TONK BBQ – Honky tonk bbq is a spot from pitmaster willie wagner . Honky tonk BBQ serves its customers with city’s best ranked pulled pork don’t forget to order it if you vist this place with some live music you can enjoy the smoked chicken and baby back .
LELLIE’S Q – Lillie’s q has an authentic southern menu , Lellie’s authentic menu is basically full of fried pickles , hard – hitting moonshine , pulled pork , trip tip with bottled sauce.

BARN AND COMPANY – Barn and company is the place where you would get finger licking smoked meat.
CHUCK’S SOTHERN COMFORTS CAFÉ – Chuck’s southern comforts café is one of the popular joints, it is a mixture of Cajun-creole , southern and Mexican cooking . The BBQ served here is cooked slow and low . chuck’s southern comforts café gives you delicious rib tips and brisket . if you plan to visit chuck’s southern comforts café don’t forget to order super sample it gives you taste of 3 meats and is my personal favorite .
GREEN STREET SMOKED MEATS – Here at green street smoked meats you get amazing pulled pork, pork ribs , brisket and how can we ignore the delicious hot links . Green street smoked meats is a restaurant in a warehouse and you won’t believe me but it offers Texas-style meat that too by half pound.
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