How to light coal for your charcoal grill?

When you cook on your own and show it off to your friends you feel as if you are on cloud nine, isn’t it? Cooking can be fun and a reason to be proud of so is cooking easy? I think it is, why? Because once you get over the fear of lighting the stove with the lighter you step by step learn cooking even if it’s two minutes noodles only you learn boiling water for it don’t you? But how would you boil water when you don’t know how to light the stove and when you are scared of the lighter?

when I was a child it was the most difficult thing that I came across during my cooking journey but as soon as I got over the fear of lighting my stove with the scary lighter I started loving cooking but everything was in my hand and same fear on a lower note I felt when I started grilling and had to light charcoal. To be honest I love grilled meat and one sudden day I started feeling as if I need to grill the meat on my own because I loved cooking by that time but I had no idea how to light coal and then my mom came to my rescue and see taught me the simplest way of lighting charcoal

World’s most simple way to light coal.
Go and search for old newspapers
Take 2 pieces of newspaper and bunch them up
Check if your chimney is clean
If you think your chimney needs cleaning then clean it first ( cleaning your fireplace is a must because old ashes can simply restrict the flow of air and we all know how important air flow is for lighting fire to any substance )
Fill your chimney with coal, coal must be sufficient
Light the bunched newspaper pieces
Take the top grate off of your grill
Set your chimney on the grill
Final step let the coal rip
Here are some do’s and don’ts for the new charcoal grill cooks
Never ever use match –light or lighter fluid coals, you need chimney starter they are the best
Don’t spread the coals until and unless they are fully gray, have patience
Don’t forget to pre-heat your grill,
Don’t forget the cleaning part, it is indeed very important
Don’t use too much direct heart buddy or else your meat would start burning, have a two-layer fire
Buddy the vents are not for decoration, they are there so that the coal can have access to air
Don’t add barbecue sauce damn too early
Stop poking your meat, stop asking if it’s done getting grilled on its own use Thermo pop
Last but don’t the least don’t serve the food too early, let your delicious meat rest let the internal juices to thicken.
Follow all the points in this article and love your cooking and burning skills.

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