About Us

Asia has been increasingly enjoying the limelight as a success story, seen as the major force leading the recovery of the global economy in the aftermath of the last financial crisis. From financial savvy, industrial growth and development, to rising affluence and lifestyle indulgence, Asia has been phenomenal in its growth in recent years. The time has come for Asia to showcase its many facets of talents to those intrigued by its success.

One keenly watched aspect is the growing depth of rich and diverse offerings in exceptional dining cuisines across Asia. The records bear this out as the number of award-wining Michelin star chefs in Asia have been steadily rising; from Tokyo, Osaka to Hong Kong and Macau. Indeed, Tokyo now has the largest number of Michelin rated restaurants in the world.

Against this vibrant backdrop lies the creation of “Asian Masters” – a celebration of who we are to the world! It is a gourmet and lifestyle event that takes pride in celebrating Asia – our talents, our produce, our heritage and our culture.

Targeted at anyone who enjoys dining and vibrant lifestyles, the event provides a unique, carefully crafted platform to showcase a myriad of gourmet activities which includes demonstrations, workshops, luncheons, gala dinners and tastings. Lifestyle activities that revolve around the performing & visual arts, fashion, wellness, clubbing etc. are included, always with a thread of gastronomy and dining weaved into its programme.

Positioned as a key regional annual event that takes place over an entire month, its reach will extend far beyond Singapore’s shores to visitors from Hong Kong, China to Japan and Malaysia.