Electric smokers – Making deserts the right way in one

Electric smoker is very much in trend these days or maybe it is common among the grilled/smoked meat lovers but what about our taste buds who love to have desserts? Yes, there is a fact that many people are not aware of and that fact is “ we can make deserts in an electric smoker” let’s break the stereotype, let’s take out your electric smokers out no not for smoking meat but for making a delicious finger licking good desert.

What? How? and many more questions would be going on in your head right now I can understand but there is no point to panic but there is a sweet, lovely reason to be excited it’s the first time you are going to make something sweet In your electric smoker in place of smoky meat . are you ready? if not then collect all your excitement wear your favorite pair of smile go out clean your electric smoker if it is not clean and then come back and read the article further, as soon as you get done with the cleaning start reading the instruction because today we are going to make smoked ice-cream, who doesn’t love ice cream ? the thing with smoke is that it actually adds a wonderful flavor to all kinds of the desert but as ice-cream is loved by all the kids and I have a lot of kids in my neighborhood and I personally love ice –cream I m going to share one of the best-smoked ice-cream recipes with all my lovely readers.

Hold your breath and start collecting the ingredients you would need, first of all, you need to divide your ingredients into 2 different categories one for smoked cream and other for the ice cream.

Ingredients for smoked cream-
• You would need mesquite wood chips ( 4 cup)
• Heavy cream ( 1 quart )For the ice cream you would need-

  1. Heavy cream ( 1 ½ cups )
  2.  Whole milk ( 1 cup )
  3. Finding the best electric smoker
  4.  Egg yolks ( 8 )
  5.  Vanilla extract ( 1 ½ teaspoon)
  6.  Kosher salt ( ½ teaspoon )

Let’s get are amazing smoked cream ready;
1. First of all go set up your smoker with minimum ½ cup of wood chips for about 150 F
2. Go get your disposable aluminum baking pan now fill your pan with ice and water
3. Remember your pan must have 2-quart capacity
4. Now you need to add 1 quart of heavy cream to another pan
5. It’s time to place your pans in the smoker
6. Close your smoker and now it’s time you adjust your vents for as low temperature as possible
7. Smoke till the time your smoke develops smoky flavor
8. After 1 ½ or 2 hr, keep checking if you need more wood chips Secondly don’t forget to keep stirring
9. Now pour you cream in an air tight container
10. It’s time to refrigerate your cream

Now it’s the turn of the ice cream;
1) Now blend the smoky cream and add ½ cup of fresh cream and now blend together, blend till the smoky flavor is as needed and is not overpowering
2) It’s time you take egg yolks and muscovado sugar together and take out your heavy saucepan
3) Whisk smoked cream, egg yolks, milk and muscovado sugar over low heat until all the ingredients are fully combined
4) You have to keep stirring ( until liquid reaches 170 F )
5) Add vanilla and salt in the custard, place all the custard in an airtight container
6) Time to refrigerate ( at least 4 hours or overnight )
7) You need to transfer your homemade ice cream into an air tight container and freeze it before serving (freeze for 4-5 hrs)
Your ice – cream is ready to go and taste it

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