5 Ribs recipes you haven’t tried yet.

Heard of baby back ribs? Falling short of time and still want something yummy? Don’t worry we have a recipe here which takes only 10 minutes to get cooked, a fan of BBQ? We present you BBQ baby back ribs, the recipe is simple and delicious

What all you need for BBQ baby back ribs?

  • You will need the following items, check the list given below –
  • 1 cup full of barbecue sauce you have to divide it.
  • You need to go and buy 2 racks pork baby back ribs and you know what to see while buying? That they must be at least 4 pounds.

Now be patient and read the instructions that you need to follow-

  • Go run and preheat your over to about 375 degrees F.
  • Arrange aluminum foil
  • Now place each rack of ribs on the aluminum foil
  • Note- aluminum foil must be large enough to cover the ribs
  • The next step is to gently brush your amazing ribs with ½ cup BBQ sauce not more not less only ½ cup
  • Now wrap your amazing ribs into the foil
  • Baking time is here – place your ribs covered in foil paper in the oven and bake for an hour.

Wear your gloves and take the ribs out of the oven.

  1. Be patient and unwrap your delicious ribs don’t forget to be careful.
  2. You need to bake the ribs again, and you need to brush them with the other ½ cup of BBQ sauce
  3. Run again, preheat broiler
  4. Broil the ribs for 5 minutes that too per side
  5. Before serving cut them into individual ribs
  6. Go enjoy your home cooked BBQ baby back ribs
  7. It’s time we learn some finger licking good and time-saving recipe which includes your favorite ribs
  8. All you need for this recipe is a pack of ribs, garlic powder, salt and black pepper, some water is a must and a pot to cook
  9. Step one go fill your pot with enough water
  10. Now add your ribs in the pot
  11. Keep your boiling the water until the time the ribs look tender
  12. Pre-heat your oven at 325 degree
  13. It’s time you remove your ribs from the pot and place them in a baking dish
  14. Pour BBQ sauce
  15. And now enjoy

Have you tried Caribbean countryside – style ribs if not it’s time you try them they are not very much difficult to make you would need;

  • tablespoons ( only 2 ) fresh thyme leaves
  • ground coriander 1 tablespoon
  • ground allspice 1 tablespoon
  • kosher salt and black pepper
  • bone-in country-style ribs (about 2 pounds total; each 1 inch thick in total 4)
  • pineapple preserves ( 1 cup )
  • dark rum ( ¼ cup)
  • fresh lime juice, plus lime wedges for serving ( ¼ cup)
  • it’s time for the direction – heat your oven to 275 f, time to make the rub, take a small bowl, in it add all the spice, salt (2 tablespoons), thyme, coriander and pepper ( ½ teaspoon )
  • Now you need to place ribs on a rimmed baking sheet, the sheet needs to be large in size now gently rub the ribs with the mixture of spice that you just created now cover the baking sheet with foil, cover it tightly. bake it until tender for 2 ½ to 3 hrs. make the sauce, heat the grill, grill your ribs turn the ribs occasionally till it begins to char.


Spicy soy-marinated flanken is similar to Caribbean countryside – style of ribs but are way too spicy and one more amazing dish is the classic barbecue spare ribs. Do try these amazing rib dishes

Propane smokers – what’s the point of having one?

Back then in the past people made their own smokers or I must say people use to do a lot of hard work nowadays we have technology or I would prefer to say latest technology it is no more the era of lighting fire with the help of a stone it is the ever where we have electric and automatic stoves Ahh what a relief isn’t it? but each and every era has its own problems before it was a problem how to smoke now the problem is which smoker to buy we love having options but on the other hand we get confused so when we are talking about which smoker to buy it looks like a smoker war is going on is propane smoker better or the electric one? Is charcoal the best or pellet? Nowadays we have option A.K.A choices and with choices we have alternatives. Let’s begin the polite war.

We get confused so when we are talking about which smoker to buy it looks like a smoker war is going on is propane smoker better or the electric one? Is charcoal the best or pellet? Nowadays we have option A.K.A choices and with choices we have alternatives. Let’s begin the polite war.

When we talk about charcoal smoker the very first term that comes to our mind is the authentic smoked flavor. Yes, the charcoal smoker is all about the authentic smoked flavor to our food, but the price of charcoal smoker is a lot of hard work. You need to start the smoker, smoke and then watch and the hell tiring disposal of charcoals though you can have 2 flavors together just add woodchips and flavored charcoal.

Heard about pellet smokers? Pellet smoker gives you the fun of electric and propane smoker and more to it, it gives you the flavor that charcoal smokers give you. pellet smokers have a dial so that you can set the temperature, gives you deep smoky flavor and in this criteria it’s better than propane and electric models but you will have to always keep a check on the stack of hardwood A.K.A wood pellets but yes you can still set the smoker and forget about it however the quality of smoky flavor is not as rich and deep as of charcoal.

It’s time we talk about the electric smoker if you are a combo of lazy and foodie electric smoker is for you all you have to do is play the game of pushing buttons the option of electric smoker gives you a new option and that is it comes in analog and digital style, analog smoker has a dial (thermostat dial ) which allows you to set temperature and on the other side digital smoker has digital screen with amazingly designed push buttons to adjust the temperature .

Electric smokers cook food faster but the problem is that it doesn’t give you one of the rickets smoky flavors.

Propane smokers are great they are the best alternative to electric smokers, worrying about electricity is not there or about getting your meat smoked it is very much portable you don’t need to plug it in. propane smokers give you the best smoky flavor ever and when we compare propane smokers to electric smokers you realize that the smoky flavor produced by the propane smoker is better than the one produced by the electric smoker, propane smokers are all about convenience it is convenient than pellet or charcoal smokers, propane smokers are similar to the propane grills , propane smokers have button ignition, temperature gauge
It’s your choice now which one you wish to buy if I was asked to buy one I would go for the propane smoker.

How to light coal for your charcoal grill?

When you cook on your own and show it off to your friends you feel as if you are on cloud nine, isn’t it? Cooking can be fun and a reason to be proud of so is cooking easy? I think it is, why? Because once you get over the fear of lighting the stove with the lighter you step by step learn cooking even if it’s two minutes noodles only you learn boiling water for it don’t you? But how would you boil water when you don’t know how to light the stove and when you are scared of the lighter?

when I was a child it was the most difficult thing that I came across during my cooking journey but as soon as I got over the fear of lighting my stove with the scary lighter I started loving cooking but everything was in my hand and same fear on a lower note I felt when I started grilling and had to light charcoal. To be honest I love grilled meat and one sudden day I started feeling as if I need to grill the meat on my own because I loved cooking by that time but I had no idea how to light coal and then my mom came to my rescue and see taught me the simplest way of lighting charcoal.

World’s most simple way to light coal. Go and search for old newspaper. Take 2 pieces of newspaper and bunch them up. Check if your chimney is clean. If you think your chimney needs cleaning then clean it first ( cleaning your fireplace is a must because old ashes can simply restrict the flow of air and we all know how important air flow is for lighting fire to any substance). Fill your chimney with coal, coal must be sufficient. Light the bunched newspaper pieces. Take the top grate off of the best charcoal grill. Set your chimney on the grill. Final step lets the coal rip. Here are some do’s and don’ts for charcoal grill cooks;

  • Never ever use match –light or lighter fluid coals, you need chimney starter they are the best
  • Don’t spread the coals until and unless they are fully gray, have patience
  • Don’t forget to pre-heat your grill,
  • Don’t forget the cleaning part, it is indeed very important
  • Don’t use too much direct heart buddy or else your meat would start burning, have a two-layer fire
  • Buddy the events are not for decoration, they are there so that the coal can have access to air
  • Don’t add barbecue sauce damn too early
  • Stop poking your meat, stop asking if it’s done getting grilled on its own use Thermo pop

Last but don’t the least don’t serve the food too early, let your delicious meat rest let the internal juices to thicken.
Follow all the points in this article and love your cooking and burning skills.

How to find the best grill brush for all your smoking needs?

Who in this small world doesn’t love BBQ? Who doesn’t want to eat grilled meat? Who can’t learn to grill but time everybody gets the trick to grill but what about cleaning it?

Everyone in this world loves creating a mess but nobody loves cleaning it but cleaning is one of the basic needs though some people don’t like taking bath in the winters they still do or else they would start stinking? won’t they ? just like we brush our teeth we need to use brushes after we get done with the grilling part and the amazing eating part.

Some people say that grill brushes are of no use but I but with this article am going to bring a shift in the opinion of the population who think grill brushes are of no use, grill brushes are actually important for the life of grill and more to it , the taste of your smoked meat depends on your grill brush so do you still think that grill brushes are of no use ? Basically, the use of the brush after cooking your meat or any other food is important.

Barbecue brushes are actually not a very sexy topic to write about but are a critical topic because when one buys a brush he or she needs to see what his grill is made up of, here in this article we have some point which would help you next when you go for brush shopping.

If you have a porcelain grill / stainless grill you must use a brass grill brush because when it comes to stainless grill we need to be extra careful that the skin shouldn’t come out , brass grill brush doesn’t scratch the surface of the grill, one of the best-voted brass grill brushes is the TUFF-BUILT GRILL BRUSH , it lasts for minimum 2 seasons what else do you want?

If you have an expanded steel grill then you must go for steel wire brushes the thing with expanded steel grill is that they are a bit hard to destroy basically they hold heat better , expanded steel grills are like woodland shoes they go on for like 20 years and don’t utter a single touch but I must tell my readers that expanded steel grills have a bit high maintenance still expanded steel grills are the best for outdoor cooking the best brush in the grill industry for expanded steel is the FORNEY CARBON STEEL WIRE BRUSH and Forney carbon steel wire brush is way too amazing ,

it looks pretty as hell doesn’t cause pain to you pockets is the cousin brother of woodland so it works for 4-5 season you can use it at the top of the grill and also at the great and the most amazing fact about Forney carbon steel wire brush is that you don’t have to worry about the small holes Forney carbon steel wire brush is simply said to be amazing .

Must check out BBQ joints in Chicago for a foodie

Chicago is not seen as one of the barbecue regions as it is not situated in the south but Chicagoans have a style of their own . The list given below is of the places where you must go if you love BBQ .

1. Honey 1 BBQ (746 east 43rd street Chicago, IL 60653 )
2. Smoque BBQ (3800 N Pulaski Rd Chicago, IL 60641 )
3. Lem’s Bar-B-Q (3115 75th st Chicago, IL 60619)
4. Honky Tonk Barbecue ( 1800 S Racine ave Chicago , IL 60608 )
5. Lillie’s Q (1856 W North ave Chicago , IL 60622)
6. Barn and company ( 950 W Wrightwood Ave Chicago , IL 60614 )
7. chuck’s southern comforts café ( 6501 w 79th st Burbank , IL 60459)
8 Green street smoked meats ( 112 n green st Chicago , IL 60607 )
HONEY 1 BBQ – It is said that the owner ( The father and son ) of this rib house only know a thing or 2 about BBQ . The famous father and son are such a part of Arkansas where smokers are in more use than Microwaves . Here you would get amazing slabs of meat, tender spareribs , rib tips, juicy smoked chicken and even crispy catfish . in Honey 1 BBQ the food / meat is slow –cooked in a glass- walled smoker or we can say aquarium smoker and the fact that the meat is cooked over fire-wood makes it sound more interesting.

SMOQUE BBQ – SOMQUE BBQ is that joint which actually started the BBQ trend in Chicago and is today well-loved and well-known . Smoque BBQ has its own long – standing spot.
LEM’S BAR-B-Q – Lem’s bar-b-q is a small side smoke shack , popular among Chicagoans lem’s bar-b-q has been serving Chicagoans from more than 60 years . It serves lovely tips with vinegary tangy sauce.

HONKY TONK BBQ – Honky tonk bbq is a spot from pitmaster willie wagner . Honky tonk BBQ serves its customers with city’s best ranked pulled pork don’t forget to order it if you vist this place with some live music you can enjoy the smoked chicken and baby back .
LELLIE’S Q – Lillie’s q has an authentic southern menu , Lellie’s authentic menu is basically full of fried pickles , hard – hitting moonshine , pulled pork , trip tip with bottled sauce.

BARN AND COMPANY – Barn and company is the place where you would get finger licking smoked meat.
CHUCK’S SOTHERN COMFORTS CAFÉ – Chuck’s southern comforts café is one of the popular joints, it is a mixture of Cajun-creole , southern and Mexican cooking . The BBQ served here is cooked slow and low . chuck’s southern comforts café gives you delicious rib tips and brisket . if you plan to visit chuck’s southern comforts café don’t forget to order super sample it gives you taste of 3 meats and is my personal favorite .
GREEN STREET SMOKED MEATS – Here at green street smoked meats you get amazing pulled pork, pork ribs , brisket and how can we ignore the delicious hot links . Green street smoked meats is a restaurant in a warehouse and you won’t believe me but it offers Texas-style meat that too by half pound.
Do share you lovely experience.

Electric smokers – Making deserts the right way in one

Electric smoker is very much in trend these days or maybe it is common among the grilled/smoked meat lovers but what about our taste buds who love to have desserts? Yes, there is a fact that many people are not aware of and that fact is “ we can make deserts in an electric smoker” let’s break the stereotype, let’s take out your electric smokers out no not for smoking meat but for making a delicious finger licking good desert.

What? How? and many more questions would be going on in your head right now I can understand but there is no point to panic but there is a sweet, lovely reason to be excited it’s the first time you are going to make something sweet In your electric smoker in place of smoky meat . are you ready? if not then collect all your excitement wear your favorite pair of smile go out clean your electric smoker if it is not clean and then come back and read the article further, as soon as you get done with the cleaning start reading the instruction because today we are going to make smoked ice-cream, who doesn’t love ice cream ? the thing with smoke is that it actually adds a wonderful flavor to all kinds of the desert but as ice-cream is loved by all the kids and I have a lot of kids in my neighborhood and I personally love ice –cream I m going to share one of the best-smoked ice-cream recipes with all my lovely readers.

Hold your breath and start collecting the ingredients you would need, first of all, you need to divide your ingredients into 2 different categories one for smoked cream and other for the ice cream.

Ingredients for smoked cream-
• You would need mesquite wood chips ( 4 cup)
• Heavy cream ( 1 quart )For the ice cream you would need-

  1. Heavy cream ( 1 ½ cups )
  2.  Whole milk ( 1 cup )
  3. Finding the best electric smoker
  4.  Egg yolks ( 8 )
  5.  Vanilla extract ( 1 ½ teaspoon)
  6.  Kosher salt ( ½ teaspoon )

Let’s get are amazing smoked cream ready;
1. First of all go set up your smoker with minimum ½ cup of wood chips for about 150 F
2. Go get your disposable aluminum baking pan now fill your pan with ice and water
3. Remember your pan must have 2-quart capacity
4. Now you need to add 1 quart of heavy cream to another pan
5. It’s time to place your pans in the smoker
6. Close your smoker and now it’s time you adjust your vents for as low temperature as possible
7. Smoke till the time your smoke develops smoky flavor
8. After 1 ½ or 2 hr, keep checking if you need more wood chips Secondly don’t forget to keep stirring
9. Now pour you cream in an air tight container
10. It’s time to refrigerate your cream

Now it’s the turn of the ice cream;
1) Now blend the smoky cream and add ½ cup of fresh cream and now blend together, blend till the smoky flavor is as needed and is not overpowering
2) It’s time you take egg yolks and muscovado sugar together and take out your heavy saucepan
3) Whisk smoked cream, egg yolks, milk and muscovado sugar over low heat until all the ingredients are fully combined
4) You have to keep stirring ( until liquid reaches 170 F )
5) Add vanilla and salt in the custard, place all the custard in an airtight container
6) Time to refrigerate ( at least 4 hours or overnight )
7) You need to transfer your homemade ice cream into an air tight container and freeze it before serving (freeze for 4-5 hrs)
Your ice – cream is ready to go and taste it

Outdoor Pellet Grills – Common Way to Light Fire in a Pellet Smoker

With winters knocking on the main door and with daylight packing its bag and getting ready to leave the season of pellet lovers is soon to be here so it’s time for the beginners to practices its time that all the questions of the grilling lovers get solved its no more the time where you still and think how your pellet smoker works its time to gather the technical stuff that you would require its time you gather all your questions and sit in front of your laptop because here your questions are going to be answered. love grilled/smoked food? Want to Love grilling? Do you have a pellet smoker chicken recipe? Want to be a pellet head or Are you a pellet head for some reason? Don’t know how to get started? no need to worry first of all keep the top aside and just open the bottom hole of the grill you would need a lot of air as air is needed to get your pellets in order to start burning fire actually to start burning strong, even fire. Lighting hardwood is not much different than lighting a charcoal grill in the beginning of the cold season. All the details are giving below.

• Do keep your stove’s power off; you need to fire the stove hopper till the upper edge with hardwoods A.K.A pellets.

• Open the door of the burn pot.

• Now add accelerant. ( use approved accelerant only )

• After adding accelerant to the hardwood A.K.A pellets use a lighter, place the lighter ( long – reach butane lighter ) near the wood pellets and light the pellets. If you have a simple device and you are worried about lighting your fire, try some old newspapers. You can use them to light pellets.

• Be patient and wait for all the pellets to catch fire.

• When pellets burn they turn red around their edges

• Don’t forget to turn on the blower motor and the auger as the auger keeps dropping more hardwoods into the burn pot to maintain the temperature.

You know what is the best feeling when In winter season where cold breeze touches your face and you crave for amazing grilled food or smoked meat you take out your pellet smoker, go to the market and get enough supply of pellets and your favorite meat and then burn the pellets with a lighter and watch them turn red at their edges hear the sound of the blower motor place your meat watch it turn red, I believe red becomes everyone’s favorite because of their love for smoked meat buying smoked meat and making your own are two different things, yes I know that buying is easier but tasting the meat that you smoked is the best .

Enjoy the winter season with home smoked meat make your friends and family taste it too do tell us about the feeling when you burned your first pellet on your own.